Verida Mainnet Launch Guide

The Verida Mainnet is here!

Here’s how to get started on the Verida Myrtle Mainnet


  • Make sure you’ve backed up your Testnet identities before proceeding.

  • Update your Verida Wallet to the latest version for iOS and Android in the App Stores

  • Complete the Mainnet Launch Tasks below

  • Let us know in the Myrtle Mainnet channel when you’ve successfully migrated to Mainnet, and completed the launch tasks!

Mainnet Launch Task #1: Existing Testnet users - Migrate your Testnet identity to Mainnet

  • Important: Back up all of your existing Testnet identities to make sure you don’t lose access to your identities and data. You’ll need your recovery/seed phrase to recover them.

  • If you are migrating your Testnet identity and data to Mainnet, you’ll want to make sure all of your data has successfully been migrated. Note down:

    • Any apps that you’ve used - e.g. Markdown Editor

    • Any data stored in Verida Wallet (e.g. credentials)

    • Your completed activities on Verida Missions

    • Your total XP points on Verida Missions

  • If you have multiple Testnet identities, you can complete the migration for each one by switching identities in the wallet.

How to migrate to Mainnet

  1. Open Verida Wallet v1.0.0

    1. Select or Import the Testnet identity you want to migrate (make sure you’ve switched to the Testnet network)

    2. On the home screen, select “Migrate your Identity to Mainnet” and begin the migration process.

    3. It should take 2-4 minutes depending on how much data you have to migrate.

  2. After the migration is complete

    1. Check to see if your data (e.g. credentials) has been migrated

    2. Visit Verida Missions and check your activities and XP has been transferred

Mainnet Launch Task #2: New users - Complete Verida Missions with a new Mainnet identity

  1. Open Verida Wallet v1.0.0

    1. Create a new Mainnet Identity, and back up your seed phrase.

    2. Update your profile, avatar and description

  2. Visit Verida Missions and connect with your identity

    1. Complete each Mission activity and claim your XP rewards

Mainnet Launch Task #3: Test the Markdown Editor with a new Mainnet identity

  1. Open Verida Wallet v1.0.0

    1. Create a new Mainnet Identity, and back up your seed phrase.

  2. Visit the Markdown Editor

    1. Connect with your Mainnet identity and create a note

Mainnet Launch Task #4: Network Explorer

  1. Open Verida Wallet v1.0.0

    1. Select a Mainnet identity

    2. Click on your avatar/name in the header to open the Identity drawer

    3. Click on “Share identity” and copy your DID

  2. Visit the Network Explorer

    1. Copy/paste your DID in the search to find your DID

    2. You should be able to find it, open it and see your avatar, name, description, country etc.

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