Why use Verida?

Verida is building the home for all of your private personal data; think financial documents, health care records, or even your home address. Using the Verida Network, you can store all your private data in a secure, encrypted, decentralised way to prevent anyone using that data without your knowledge.

Mobile first

The Verida Wallet is the first mobile app to manage your personal data, cryptocurrency, and identity all in one place. We believe that data is just as important to store and manage as Bitcoin. Our app allows you to easily see who your data is sent to, how its being used, and bring choice back to you.

Region aware storage

The Verida Storage Node network is global with a region-aware design. It empowers users to control their data storage location in accordance with their geographic preference and regulatory needs.

Builders can build applications that are privacy-first and have no custody or access to user data, enabling GDPR / HIPAA compliance. Data can be guaranteed to be stored in a country / region with rich permissions and controls for user consent of data sharing.

You can track node statistics on the Network Explorer.

By default, the Verida Wallet selects storage nodes in the user’s country or region, ensuring regulatory compliance. Users, however, have the freedom to change these nodes or even host their own, allowing for true data sovereignty.

Delete your data

The technology also enables the β€œright to be forgotten.” Users can delete their data from storage nodes or remove their identity and data entirely from the network. This level of control over data storage and deletion is unprecedented and vital for the widespread adoption of this technology in mature, regulated industries. For instance, social media and health care.

Access controls

Verida empowers users to control data access, providing granular permissions for secure and transparent sharing. Users decide who can access their data. A way to pull data from centralised platforms to take back control of data


Data stored with Verida is end-to-end encrypted with a private key on your local mobile phone, tablet or computer. Storage nodes and apps can not access your data. Your data is securely transmitted to nodes on the Verida Network. Your data is split into separate databases with different encryption keys for enhanced security.

Zero Knowledge

The Verida Wallet supports Polygon ID verifiable credentials on the Polygon ID mainnet. This allows users to receive and store Polygon ID credentials as well as reply to proof requests in a privacy-preserving way thanks to Polygon ID Zero-Knowledge technology.

You can prove you hold personal information, without disclosing that information. This allows you to prove your age or citizenship, without disclosing personal data such as your birthdate or passport number. This significantly reduces the risk of leaking your personal data.

To learn more about Polygon ID, check our blog post and head over to their website and developer documentation.

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