The data we don't own

In our current world, your data is tracked, used, and monetized without your knowledge by centralized platforms. We have collectively given up control of our data to tech giants without realising the value of our digital lives. Verida wants to change all of this by bringing the data closer to you with clear management done on your mobile device.

Lack of private database storage

Web2 offers an abundance of storage options for different use cases. Similarly web3's unique needs will demand specific solutions. Existing web3 decentralized storage models such as Filecoin, Sia, and Arweave are robust for public data, but fall short for private personal data.

They are designed for storing static content like images and documents, rather than being highly performant databases with real time syncing capabilities. Verida fills this gap by addressing speed, authentication, encryption, and regulatory issues for handling private data storage. Learn more about Veridaโ€™s storage infrastructure

Reducing data hacks

One in two people have had their personal data exposed in data hacks. The current approach of storing personal data in multiple, centralized platforms, creates honey pots for hackers and creates huge risks for individuals, corporations and governments. Verida enables individuals to have agency and control over their data, with consensual data sharing eliminates these problems overnight.

Stronger data regulations

Global regulation is forcing companies to open up access to user data. Verida is helping users โ€œclaimโ€ their personal data and open it up to the next generation of web3 applications for personalized products, services and AI powered digital assistants. This will create a whole new personalization technology category where trust, security and privacy will be essential for widespread adoption and growth.

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