Storage Nodes

Verida has developed open source middleware (Verida Storage Node) that sits in front of mature CouchDB database infrastructure. This solution is designed for storing private user data, incorporates access controls with flexible encryption, and permissioned data synchronization. It’s region aware and designed to meet data protection regulations requirements such as GDPR or CCPA.

Users are able to select their own storage provider or applications may offer a default storage option for their users. This flexibility will allow users to eventually leverage decentralized storage solutions to host their own or select private geographical region specific hosting infrastructure - to ensure storage is location aware to meet regulatory requirements across different countries and industries, such as GDPR requirements.

User data is stored in isolated application contexts, where the data from one application can not be accessed by another without explicit user consent. This ensures users can selectively disclose their personal data to different applications on an as-needs basis, providing enhanced privacy and data security.

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