Staking Tutorial

Once you buy your VDA, holders can put their tokens to work immediately. Pools operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and may be subject to excess demand.

  1. Staking pools and related information can be found at

  2. Once there, users will be prompted to connect a wallet. A variety of wallets are able to be connected to the page, including the Verida Wallet which can be connected using Wallet Connect.

  3. Participation options include staking to the Incentivized Liquidity Pool, which requires users to contribute equal amounts of VDA and USDT, or the Compound Staking Pools, which are single-sided staking pools. The pools have different lock terms, as can also be seen.

  1. Once users have identified the pool they would like to join, it is simply a matter of clicking the selected pool and following the steps as presented.

  2. Users will be able to monitor the status of their staking, including rewards earned and the status of any required lockups associated with the different pools.

Checking Reward Vesting Status

Many Verida users are eligible for rewards from Verida’s initial airdrop programs that were described here and here.

In order to check the vesting status of any rewards users have earned, Verida has created a vesting status checker for users.

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