Verida Mainnet

What apps are available?

Use your Mainnet identity to connect and use these apps:

Use your Testnet identity to connect and use these apps:

How do I migrate to the Verida Mainnet?

Verida Wallet Users

Update to the latest version of Verida Wallet.

Select the Testnet identity you want to migrate, and press “Migrate to Mainnet” on the home screen.

See the Verida Mainnet Soft Launch guide for more information

Application developers

Developer documentation has been updated with key changes for application developers to upgrade their applications to use the Verida Mainnet.

See the Developers Migrate to Mainnet page for more information.

Is the Verida Missions XP Rewards program still available?

The Verida Missions rewards program has now transitioned to the Verida Mainnet.

Important: You must upgrade your Testnet account to Mainnet to transfer your XP points and be eligible for future claims.

Verida Missions and the incentivized testnet program has been instrumental in testing the performance of Verida network infrastructure and Verida applications. We’re thankful for everyone in our amazing community who have participated to date.

Your XP rewards will soon be convertible to VDA tokens as we move closer to the token launch. Stay tuned for more information on this.

How do I get started on the Verida Mainnet?

Here’s how to get started on the Verida Myrtle Mainnet:

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