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Verida Wallet Bug Report Form

Please complete the Verida Bug Report Form: https://forms.gle/Dn4HDfs7sos7kpGC8

At Verida, we take data privacy seriously and are dedicated to safeguarding the information you provide. Please read and acknowledge the following privacy disclaimer before submitting your Verida Wallet Bug Report:

  1. Collection of Personal Information: This bug report form does not automatically collect any personal information, including email addresses. However, please be aware that sign in using Google authentication is required to enable the attachments feature, so your Google account information will be used solely for authentication purposes.

  2. Purpose of Data Collection: The information you provide in this bug report form will only be used for the purpose of identifying, addressing, and resolving the reported issue. It will not be used for any other purpose without your explicit consent.

  3. Storage and Security: Any data you submit through this form, including bug descriptions and attachments, will be stored securely and accessible only to authorized personnel involved in the bug resolution process.

  4. Anonymous Reporting: You have the option to submit bug reports anonymously. However, providing your contact information can be beneficial if our team needs further clarification or would like to keep you informed about the status of the reported bug.

  5. Sharing of Information: Verida does not share your bug report data with third parties unless required by law or with your explicit consent.

  6. Data Retention: Bug reports and associated data will be retained for a reasonable period to ensure effective resolution and to refer back to historical issues if needed. Once the issue is resolved, we will take appropriate measures to securely dispose of the data.

By submitting a bug report through this form, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the data privacy disclaimer. You consent to the collection, storage, and use of the information you provide for the sole purpose of addressing the reported issue.

Thank you for your cooperation and trust in Verida Wallet's commitment to data privacy and security. We greatly appreciate your contribution to making our crypto and data wallet even more reliable!

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