Verida Usernames

What are Verida Usernames?

Verida usernames are unique, human-readable names tied to your DID. You can personalise your Verida identity by claiming any available name on the network.

Setting up a Verida Username makes it easy to share and remember the address of your Verida One profile.

What types of usernames can I claim?

Verida Usernames support alphanumeric, lowercase characters only. No other special characters are supported.

How do I get a Verida Username?

You can claim your Verida Username when you set up your Verida Identity in the Verida Vault.

Where can I use my Verida Username?

Your Verida Username will be displayed on your Verida One profile. It will also be in your profile URL i.e.

How do I change my Verida Username?

This feature isn’t available in the beta release. In the future, your Verida Username can be updated through the Verida Wallet. Your previous name will then be released back to the network and others may claim it.

Can I register more than one Verida Username?

One Verida Identity can register one Verida Username. There is a one-to-one mapping. To register more Verida Username, you will need to create another Verida Identity. This can be done in the Verida Vault. This limit may change in the future.

Where is my Verida Username stored?

Your Verida Username is recorded on-chain. It is registered using the Verida Username smart contract. The smart contract is available here:

How do Verida Username work?

Verida names are aliases that point to Verida Identity. eg alice.verida points to did:vda:0x6B2a1bE81ee770cbB4648801e343E135e8D2Aa6F

All names end in .verida

The naming system works within the Verida protocol.

How does the Verida Username claim process work?

A user submits a request to claim a username to the Verida Username Registry smart contract. This contract looks up the availability of the address. If available, the name will be assigned to the users Verida Identity (DID).

This process is managed through the Verida Wallet.

You can view the Verida Username smart contract in Github:

blockchain-contracts/VDA-Name-Registry at develop Β· verida/blockchain-contracts

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